How to choose your 200 hour online yoga yoga teacher training: 7 pro tips

Updated: Apr 22

So you can stay Zen while doing it...

You have been practicing yoga for quite some time, you know that you can’t travel away from home for a month and there's no yoga studio in your town which offers teacher training. You want to take an online yoga teacher training course but you’re confused and don’t know how to choose one. So, you leave it for later, next year or who knows...never. You’ll never become a yoga instructor like you always wanted, and will be disappointed with yourself for not achieving your goals and dreams. You do admire your yoga teachers and would love to share your passion for yoga.

Let us summarize for you the 7 most important steps on how to do just that.

By the way, these online yoga teacher training courses have been around for many years but most of the schools started doing online yoga teacher training courses somewhere around April 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit all of us. Which is the one of the positive things that came out of this sad sad situation.

1. How is the online yoga teacher training 200 hours usually delivered?

Some yoga courses which never took place due to the pandemic, are now being delivered online, and have pretty much the same format. This means that the training is intense and you have to be on your computer for 6-8 hours per day for about 3-4 continuous weeks. This might make you feel exhausted by the end of the course, not to mention get you eye problems.

Other online yoga courses are a bit more flexible. They include a mix of pre-recorded classes (which allow you to pause, replay, and watch content as many times as you need) as well as "live" interactions with teachers ( live as they can get on a computer screen using platforms such as Zoom, Google meet, Facebook live and so on). This means that you can study at your own pace, adjust lessons around your already busy schedule, and still have time for kids, family and your home.

Do all the participants have to enroll in the course on the same date or is it possible to start the online yoga training any time you wish ? We recommend the "enroll any time" system as this gives you more flexibility.

Watch out for online yoga teacher training courses which are 100% pre-recorded and have no mechanisms for interactions with the teachers or any feedback from them. Ask how many hours will be live, how many hours will be pre-recorded, what assignments you will need to complete and how the final assignment looks like. You want to feel supported on this journey.

2. How many yoga instructors will you have?

How many teachers will be on your online yoga teacher training 200 hours? 1, 2, or 3 teachers? It’s good to have more teachers who teach what they know best because this way you feel confident that you are being taught by a team of experts and not just one person. Check if these yoga instructors are experienced in what they teach. Can you see samples of their work before signing up?

For example: in our online yoga teacher training, we give FREE ACCESS to the whole online yoga course content for 1 week to those who are interested. This means that you get to see our teaching style, meet all teachers upfront, see if you connect and resonate with us, and feel confident and relaxed when making your decision. Other schools do that as well, but they ask you to put your credit card first and then it’s your responsibility to cancel if you end up not signing up for the course.

How to choose an online yoga teacher training

3. WHY do you want to take an online yoga teacher training?

Does your “why” resonate with the focus of the online training that you choose? Maybe you want to learn more about anatomy and physiology and less of teaching skills. Maybe you want to deepen your practice and do less philosophy hours instead.

I recently found an online yoga course which offers 35 hours of anatomy which is great for an anatomy geek. But the question is: At the expense of which module/subject are these 35 hours of anatomy taught? Will this mean less time for alignment, for teaching skills, philosophy or even asana classes?

Maybe you want to take the teacher training because you feel stuck in your practice and you would like to improve your personal practice. Then your yoga teacher training course must have challenging yoga classes and great asana alignment classes, right? Therefore, your yoga instructors must have amazing practice themselves. If they are beginners in their own practice, that’s what you’ll get - beginner yoga classes and you won’t advance your practice. Maybe even lose your practice. Teaching yoga is just an extension of practicing yoga, right? If you work towards becoming a yoga teacher, you need to improve your own practice first. There’s no question about this.

In our online yoga teacher training, students practice challenging yoga classes so that they can take their practice at the next level, feel more confident in front of their own students and maybe finally nail that pose that they saw on Instagram but could never do.

4. What style of yoga will you practice in your online yoga course?

Some online yoga courses mention multi-style yoga or mention anywhere from 4 to 5 types of yoga. Seriously? 🤔 Ask the school what's the style that they focus on, and if they say that they do all the styles in equal amounts, then skip that training and look elsewhere. You cannot learn more than 2 styles of yoga in a 200-hour yoga teacher training. This is super overwhelming and will leave you confused and skeptical. The course must have 1 focus. Would you like to find out about the most common yoga styles out there in less than 10 minutes? Read here.

I remember when we as a school applied for the Yoga Alliance accreditation. We were asked why we do 2 styles of Yoga in the 200 hour yoga teacher training: Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. We had to explain to Yoga Alliance that the students practice Ashtanga yoga because it helps them improve their physical practice like no other yoga style does, teaches them how to practice yoga by themselves without being dependent on other yoga instructors and because Ashtanga is a traditional system and stands as a solid foundation for vinyasa.

On the other hand, students also practice Vinyasa Yoga which derives from the Ashtanga method and gives students independence and the choice to express themselves through creative movement and feel free. The vinyasa classes along with the sequencing theory, will teach students how to create their own unique Vinyasa yoga classes. This means that students have clarity and direction.

Want to read more about the difference between Ashtanga and Vinyasa?

Or even practice yoga with us? Check out our free yoga classes here.

5. Can you find out what ex-students say about this 200 hour online yoga teacher training?

If you are still skeptical about the course, check out former students’ opinions about that specific yoga course. What do they say about their course? Can you do a bit of Sherlock Holmes work and find these people on social media and reach out to them? It’s a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it. We are here to educate you in ways that we only wish we knew when we were choosing our first yoga courses….(hundreds of years ago)

6. How many students are in this online yoga teacher training at the same time?

Are you more interested in creating a community of yogis or in having personal attention from your yoga instructors? Would you like to be on Zoom with 20 students at the same time or just you and a few more students? There are pros and cons for each of these scenarios and it’s the preference is yours.

In our online yoga teacher training we prefer to keep the groups small and focus on the students to maximize student learning and engagement. This way, students feel included and supported throughout the course. We also noticed that people are too busy to keep in touch with the other yogis of the group outside of the training. (life gets in the way)

How to choose an online yoga teacher training
Practice, practice, practice

7. Be mindful when a yoga school writes the following:

"We provide the best online yoga course”,

or “We are the world’s largest online yoga schools”.

Friends, please apply critical thinking and be inquisitive! What is this information based on? Was there a survey among thousands of graduated yogis and a specific school was picked to own this title? This is not something that you just say about yourself without having the backing up information. These schools are trying to sell, not teach.

Imagine if I said to everyone “I am one of the top yoga teachers in Europe". or "I am the best master chef in the whole world”. (which for Martin I am, but only he voted for this )

I would have to back up this statement with some pretty strong facts, right? So please, stop googling “the best yoga teacher training”.

4 main benefits of a 200 hour online yoga teacher training course

✅ It provides more schedule flexibility. You can get your online yoga certification from the comfort of your own home which means that you don’t have to travel anywhere and you could spend the time with your family.

✅ It is less expensive than a “normal” yoga training. Not always, but in many cases it is. You don’t have to pay for food and accommodation when you take an online course, which means that you can still buy those sexy yoga clothes you saw on Instagram. By the way, there is no such thing as a free online yoga teacher training.

✅ Such a course is the perfect tool to keep you busy and mentally healthy during the lockdown. This means that you will come out of this pandemic mentally and physically much stronger than you were ever before.

✅ You will invest in yourself, your knowledge and your personal growth. And you can’t hold knowledge in your hands, like you can with tangible objects. If you invest in YOU, the benefits will outlast anything else that you could have bought. This is the best time to invest in yourself and we should take advantage of this.

Get access for free to the online yoga course by sending us an email to: with the subject: 1 week of free online yoga teacher training and take advantage of the exclusive discount we have until the end of February 2021: Join the course with a yogi friend and you both get 20%.

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We hope this brings some clarifications on how to choose an online yoga training and we are happy to answer any questions you might have. 💜

Much love and light,


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