• Colynn Vosburgh

The Business of Yoga and niching down

Updated: Apr 23

You are a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. And now what? The most important question one can ponder first, is why did you take Teacher Training? Was it to advance your practice as a student? To delve deeper into something you love and offer as a side hustle? Or to teach yoga as a career? All of these questions have different answers.

If you gained your certification to advance your practice, congratulations! Most likely the answer you discovered is that there is so much more to this Yoga world than what you have been exposed to. Considering Yoga is more of a complete way of life, you likely opened yourself up to many more questions. And you also learned proper alignment of poses and dove deeper into concepts and philosophy. For those of you that took this route, there are many directions your path can go. Having the credentials of a teacher, you are now able to attend a myriad of teacher trainings that are directed at an immense amount of subjects. Pick a path to explore and direct your focus on learning more.

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Advancing your practice as a student

Did you decide that you love yoga enough to make it a side hustle or a job where you can do what you love and make a bit of money? Great! Offering your teachings in your own home, to your friends, or in a studio is a perfect way to do this. You now have the credentials you need (read more in our Yoga Alliance blog) to offer your knowledge to students. When Yoga was not as popular as it is today, it was easier to tell you what compensation you could expect. Due to the rise in teachers, studios, and offerings, that isn't possible anymore. Pay varies from studio to studio and is more of a question of what you want to earn, as opposed to a set rate.

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Yoga as a side hussle

But, what about if you took your training to teach Yoga as your career? Amazing! This path requires commitment, planning, and action. It often involves so much more than teaching several classes in studios. There is more to say and learn than can be laid out in a paragraph, so here a few hints to get you going in the right direction.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of trainings out there for yoga teachers. Don't get lost in the learning without earning route. This is where a teacher will finish their 200-hour certification and then take several more trainings not related to their end goal. This drains their bank account of funds, but will not necessarily replenish it. It is important to pick a path before furthering one's knowledge. This is also related to the concept of a niche. A teacher must focus their attention on what they want to offer to the world. Once that is decided, clarity ensues. Committing to a path will save the teacher money and it offers clarity on the ideal client. By having the goal of being an Ashtanga teacher, one will not spend money on frivolous trainings they don't need to advance their career. This same teacher is more readily able to clarify their ideal client, an important piece for successful marketing. Having a niche means the teacher is not teaching everyone, but is focused on a specific group of people. Contrary to popular belief, speaking to the masses often remains unheard. To become engaged, interest must be sparked for a person, or at least, a common bond. To speak Ashtanga to a Yin Yogi, translation is lost and so is interest.

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Yoga as your career

Get started by teaching and exploring. Pick your path and start to walk it. Stick to it. And remember to breathe.

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