Can I teach Yin Yoga as a Vinyasa trained teacher?

Updated: Apr 23

Before you rush to find the correct answer, ask yourself: Would I teach an Anusara inspired class after an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training ? Would I teach Vinyasa yoga after a Sivananda teacher training? Hmmmm 🤔 🤔

Like all other styles of yoga, yin yoga has its own rules for smart, healthy and safe sequencing. There are also different levels of a yin yoga class, different themes, different aim and concepts of creating a yin class. For example: Do you do neutralizing and counterposes in yin? 🧘‍♂️ 

Yin is also the only style of yoga to target a specific type of body tissues, called fascia, as opposed to muscles. In yin yoga, locking the joints and looking for bone on bone compression is encouraged for an entirely different set of beneficial reasons, something which is detrimental in yang practices. 

Anyone who has been to a good yin yoga class will have noticed the magic it unravels in body and mind. This comes from a very well designed sequence with a precise aim - whether that is an organ, meridian, fascia chain and related emotional body.

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Yin Yoga class in Kythnos island

What you will get from our yin YTTC (July 2020) is to experience the subtle art of this practice. This course is for everyone, whether you want to experience it or teach it. For those interested in teaching, they will get all the embodied knowledge and tools needed to teach safe yin classes. This will come through daily yinyasa, (Vinyasa + Yin) yin history, concepts, journaling, sequencing, asana labs, theory and much more. At the end of the course, you will have both theoretical and practical understanding of yin yoga. You will walk away with amazing benefits and you will be able to teach yin yoga with full confidence.

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Whether you come with yin experience or not, you will feel the transformational effects of this yoga style within your practice, body and life.

Link to our yin course:

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