Your Teachers


Your Teachers

We all found yoga, or yoga found us, for our own unique reasons. To stay fit, to stay sane, the list goes on and on. This is why the first place where we go each morning is the mat. 

An advanced practitioner does not necessarily make a great yoga teacher. However, a good yoga teacher can become great by advancing his own practice. This is why we commit to our daily practice. We learn from the practice, from each other and most of all, we learn from you, our students. 


Having been inspired and transformed by yoga ourselves, our Alpha Yoga School team is eager to help you experience the life-changing benefits of this ancient practice. Supported by dedicated yoga self-practice and continuous involvement in all aspects of yoga, we bring our unique talents and insights to the classroom. We work with each students' individuality and potential to nurture their learning. 

Our integrated way of teaching provides the students with a framework that supports their learning, whether it’s the logic behind physical adjustments or intelligent sequencing. We provide the ingredients, the tools and the safe space where to experiment. It is up to the student to add her or his own signature. 


Meet the Alpha Yoga team

Martin Sittek

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Joanna Vladescu

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Laura Shanks

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Rachel Berryman

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Eleanor Gisele

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